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Are you tired of your child being bullied at school?

Our school NEVER tolerates BULLYING!

Are the teachers and principals so busy with so many students that they don’t pay attention to your child’s needs?

We are small enough to answer your child’s social and academic needs. OUR TEACHERS CARE about each and every student.  Call us if you want to talk — 512-478-4743, or e-mail us at huntington.surrey@gmail.com. We would love for you to visit our school.


Huntington-Surrey School - College Prep With a Heart

Huntington-Surrey Preparatory School is a long-established, Austin, Texas high school with the purpose of preparing every student for college admission while honoring each student as an individual.


We pride ourselves in producing young adult graduates who know how to learn, with a desire to keep learning throughout their lives. Individual attention and a private personalized education come from our low student-to-teacher ratios: 8-1 in core classes, 6-1 in math, and 1-1 in our literature program based on the British tutorial method. We take college preparation seriously, proven by our 100% college acceptance of our graduates. But we aren’t just about the books. Huntington-Surrey is a family of teachers, instructors, administrators, students, and parents with a like-minded approach to building a better basis for college…and for life. Life is an open-book test. We plant strong roots for a lifetime of learning and growth.


What’s Happening at H.S.