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Huntington-Surrey School’s new phone number is (512) 502-5400.

We are small enough to accommodate each of our students’ individual, social, and academic needs, while at the same time fostering an appreciation of cooperation and community.

Huntington-Surrey School - College Prep With a Heart

Huntington-Surrey Preparatory School has been a well respected, private high school serving Austin, TX since 1973.

We pride ourselves in producing young adult graduates who know how to learn, with a desire to continue learning throughout their lives. Individual attention and a private personalized education is successful because of our low student-to-teacher ratios: No more than 8 students in a class. We take college preparation seriously, proven by our 100% college acceptance of our graduates, but we aren’t just about the books.  

Huntington-Surrey is a family of teachers, instructors, administrators, students, and parents with a like-minded approach to building a better basis for college…and for life. Life is an open-book test. We plant strong roots for a lifetime of learning and growth.

We would love for you to come visit us. Call 512-502-5400 or click here to request more information

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