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At Huntington-Surrey, our academics are usually the first reason parents decide to enroll their children in our school. It comes down to a few things:


Our teaching methods, including our one-on-one British-tutorial instruction for literature, is unmatched in Central Texas. It is proven to help students actually learn more and to learn how to learn; this prepares them for the next step in their educational journey. Our teachers are highly degreed in their teaching area with BA’s, MA’s and PHD’s ensuring our students receive quality classes with relevant content. But more importantly, our teachers love to teach.

Our teachers are committed to our kids and employ multiple teaching strategies in order to reach and motivate each of our students.

We understand that there are all kinds of minds and all kinds of ways to learn.

We believe all children can learn and deserve to do so in a safe, positive, and caring environment.

Our school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.