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Huntington-Surrey School admits students throughout the school year. Students who have chosen to learn the Huntington-Surrey way are usually bright, divergent thinkers who want small, personal classes that are highly interactive and student-centered. We have students from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances, but one thing they all share is that they have chosen to be here.

School Tours

Our process usually starts with a visit to the school. Call us today to schedule a time to visit classes in-session, meet our teachers and administrative staff, and get a chance to get a good “feel” for the school. Call Johni or Light at (512) 478-4743, or click here to request more information.


The Process

Admissions at Huntington-Surrey –
A straightforward, non-bureaucratic process.


  1. Parents call the school for information at (512) 478-4743
  2. One of the Co-Directors, Johni or Light discusses the school and
    makes an appointment with the parents and potential student.
  3. The appointment includes a personal conversation with the
    parents, student, and Co-Directors, Johni and Light. Then there is
    a short tour of the school.
  4. If the parents and student are interested in continuing the process,
    they contact the school for the student to shadow.
  5. The parents and student confer, as do the directors and teachers
    whose classes were visited. If all those involved agree that
    Huntington-Surrey is a good match for the student, then the
    student has found a school home.
  6. The school sends the student a written invitation and a contract.
    The family pays the deposit or the entire year’s tuition to reserve
    a space.
  7. The family requests that a transcript from the previous school
    and medical records be sent to Huntington-Surrey.
    Huntington-Surrey mails the student a packet of information,
    including a calendar and supply list.