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School Facts

• Founded in 1973

• Serves grades 9-12

• Low student-teacher ratio

• Unique 1:1 Literature Program

• Expert teachers with multiple degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to go to Huntington-Surrey?

Tuition for 2017-2018 is $13,450 per year. Most parents choose to pay by the month, which works out to $1,350 per month for 9 months (September through May). When parents sign a contract, the last month’s tuition is paid in advance, along with a $500 processing fee and an $800 elective fee. This $2650 deposit is nonrefundable.


What are the advantages of small classes?

Students have no place to hide from teachers, and teachers have no place to hide from students. Students get more attention, which leads to better understanding. Students develop relationships with teachers and peers that give them the comfort necessary to ask questions and discuss topics. Teachers have the luxury of teaching rather than having to spend all their time managing large classes and keeping up with administrative paperwork.


Can you help students with learning disabilities?

Maybe. Our staff is not trained in special education, but we have had some success with some learning-disabled students. We evaluate each student on a case-by-case basis. Important factors are the nature and severity of the learning disability and the student’s willingness to succeed in spite of it.


Are the teachers any good?

Oh, yes. Our teachers are degreed in their academic subjects. Many have multiple degrees. Most importantly, our program (small classes, teacher control over curriculum, etc.) gives them the time and flexibility they need to succeed as teachers. Our teachers are here for the same reason our students are: Huntington-Surrey creates an environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.

Are there scholarships available to help with tuition?

Not through the school. The school is privately owned and is funded entirely through tuition payments. We receive no grants or donations that would make scholarships available.


How can students learn anything in only a half day of classes?

We cut the fat out of the standard school day and only focus on core academics. There are no physical education classes, lunch hours, pep rallies, homeroom classes, or daily announcements. And due to the reduced need for discipline and bureaucracy, class time is spent more efficiently. Morning students may stay into the afternoon, whether to get extra academic help from their teachers or to socialize with their friends. Afternoon students my come as early as they want for extra help from their teachers or to socialize with their friends.


Does Huntington-Surrey have extracurricular activities?

Although our focus is on academics, we do have a literary magazine and yearbook staff, and a performing arts program, which often go beyond the academic day. We help students find and pursue other activities outside of school.


Does Huntington-Surrey have extracurricular activities?

Yes.  We have Beta Club, National Honor Society, Opera, and volunteer opportunities.


Will credits earned at Huntington-Surrey transfer to other schools?

Yes. Huntington-Surrey’s accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools assures that Huntington-Surrey’s credits are transferable regionally, nationally, and internationally.