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School Facts

• Founded in 1973 / Same Owner since 1978

• Serves grades 9-12

• 3:1 student-teacher ratio

• Class sizes limited to 8, 6 or 1 based on the course

• 19 teachers on-staff, all degreed

Goals & Teaching Philosophy

Our Goals Are To Develop…

  • Students who are good human beings
  • Students who are articulate and self-aware
  • Students who value themselves and others
  • Students who are prepared to go into the world with knowledge and heart to make the world a better place

Our Teaching Philosophy is that…

  • Students are the focus
  • As much as we may know, we are not here for self-aggrandizement
  • Students and teachers must show each other respect
  • Every class must be a careful balance between our sharing our  knowledge and the students learning to express their ideas and support their ideas
  • As teachers, we need to maintain an atmosphere of sharing that allows the voicing of all opinions supported by what the students know from their reading, the media, and life experience.
  • Students must show their peers respect and courtesy.  No student may bully or speak badly to another.

A Very Special Faculty

What makes Huntington-Surrey stand out so much from other small private schools beyond our student-to-teacher ratios is the quality of our teachers. We offer 19 teachers who each have degrees in the subjects they teach. These include 19 BA’s, 10 MA’s, and 5 PHD’s.