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Graduation Requirements

The school day at Huntington-Surrey is divided, with Freshmen and Sophomores coming in the mornings (8:30 to 12:09, with an optional extended day until 3:00) and Juniors and Seniors coming in the afternoon (1:11 to 4:50, with the option of coming early for academic help). Foreign languages are offered for all students from 12:15 to 1:05.

Exit Examinations

Mathematics: Proficiency test

English: Assertion with proof essay

Required Senior English Research Paper

Written as part of the English composition class, this paper focuses on process as well as product.


Required Senior Advisory Class

Focuses on life choices, including the college application process. (Counts as a required elective).


In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, all Huntington-Surrey students must complete a minimum of 26 credit hours of high school work, as follows:

English                                     4 credits
Social Studies                         4 credits
Mathematics                           4 credits
Science                                     4 credits
REQUIRED ELECTIVES        10 credits

All students must complete classes in each of the four required academic core subjects during each year that they attend Huntington-Surrey School. A student entering the senior year must have a minimum of 19 completed credits, including 12 credits of required academic core subjects. A student who will enter a four-year college or university needs at least 2 credits of one foreign language among his or her required elective subjects. A student who will enter a Texas state-supported college or university must meet Texas requirements. Every student must pass the exit exams, complete the research paper, and finish all work applicable to his or her class schedule before graduation. Any variation from this program is subject to the approval of the Director.

Special Note on Attendance and Preparedness

In order for a student to earn the semester’s ½ credit in each course, he or she must attend class regularly and be prepared, as stated in our Huntington-Surrey School policies.