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School Facts

• Founded in 1973 / Same owner since 1978

• Serves grades 9-12

• 3:1 student-teacher ratio

• Class sizes limited to 8, 6 or 1 based on the course

• 19 teachers on-staff, all degreed

Huntington-Surrey School Profile

We are College Prep With a Heart. 100% of our graduates at Huntington-Surrey School are accepted into college.


That’s our goal, and we reach our goal – with every student. We are a private high school in Austin, Texas, for grades 9 through 12, with a focus on learning and preparation for higher learning at colleges and universities. Our student-to-teacher ratio is the smallest of any private school in Austin at 8-1 for core classes, 6-1 in math, and 1-1 in literature. This small class size allows for customized teaching methods, more

student-to-teacher interaction and attention, and an individualized pace of education that helps our students learn and learn how-to-learn.


We focus on a positive learning environment and have done so since 1973. Our teachers provide a strong academic program and moral support as their students gain confidence and a sense of responsibility. We see ourselves as a safe haven where bright, divergent-minded students are encouraged to think for themselves.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to prepare every student for college admission while honoring each student as an individual.

Our Mission

Huntington-Surrey’s mission is to offer schooling to bright, divergent thinkers, from ninth to twelfth grade, who desire a more personal, student-centered school.


We prepare students for lifelong learning so that they may successfully meet the many challenges of the twenty-first century.

We equip students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding that will allow them to make decisions conscientiously and take responsibility for those decisions. We encourage students to demonstrate open-minded tolerance for others’ choices.

Our goal is to facilitate the students’ intellectual, emotional, aesthetic, ethical, and social growth by providing a learning environment that is nurturing, accepting, challenging, and enjoyable. We teach students how to think, not what to think.


It is important to note that Huntington-Surrey School’s accreditor is the prestigious Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, known as AdvancED – SACS. Our international accreditation is further backed by the fact that SACS is the same body that accredits the University of Texas at Austin, and it is widely recognized as a leading accreditation body in Texas and throughout the United States.



Huntington-Surrey is not a religious school. We are located on the property of Highland Park Baptist Church in Austin, but we are not affiliated, directed, or associated with religious teaching of our host church or with any other religious institution. Our school community welcomes anyone from any background.