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Student Schedules

Monday through Thursday – Academics

The school day at Huntington-Surrey is divided, with Freshmen and Sophomores coming in the mornings (8:30 to 12:09, with an optional extended day until 3:00) and Juniors and Seniors coming in the afternoon (1:11 to 4:50, with the option of coming early for academic help). Foreign languages are offered for all students from 12:15 to 1:05.

Friday – Electives

Electives are offered Fridays from 8:30 to 10:16 and from 10:23 to 12:09.


The Schedule

schedule table

Flexible Schedules

The flexibility of our classes can be ideal for students with strong outside interests such as equestrians, swimmers, rowers, ballet dancers and others with heavy sports-training schedules or other academic interests.

It also allows for the older students to more easily carry a part-time job, and to have time for their study outside of school hours.

Students are invited to stay all day if they want to.


Summer School

Individual and small group classes are offered during the summer. Schedule classes around your family’s summer schedule.

Call (512) 478-4743 for more information on summer classes.