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School Facts

• Founded in 1973

• Serves grades 9-12

• Low student-teacher ratio

• Unique 1:1 Literature Program

• Expert teachers with multiple degrees


Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Kimmie Rhodes Gracey

Status: Grandmother of student

Huntington-Surrey has made an extraordinary difference in the life of my grandson! It has been a true joy to watch his spirits lift and his self-esteem and happiness soar. I feel this success is due to a small number of students in the classrooms, which provide the perfect setting for bright, capable students who are eager to learn.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for brilliantly giving him not only a fine education, but also the gift of hope and vision for the future.

Keep up the great work!!!

Review Date: 2/21/16

Reviewer: Abigail Connor

Status: Student

I joined Huntington-Surrey because I was tired of huge public school classes where the teachers didn’t know my name. The teachers at Huntington-Surrey knew me really well; class sizes are small, and literature is taught one-on-one. The teachers match your effort and enthusiasm. When I wanted to earn National Merit recognition on the PSAT, my composition teacher came in early in the morning to meet with me. Because of Huntington-Surrey’s unique schedule, I had plenty of time to volunteer at the School for the Blind, at the Central Texas Blood Bank, and at an occupational therapy clinic.

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer:  Jan Emberson, Ph.D., Professor of Spanish, Austin Community College

Status:  Parent

When I reflect on the time my son attended Huntington-Surrey, what stands out among all of the other attributes of this institution is the individual support and empowerment that this environment provides. Small classes, individual attention, and encouragement to progress at the rate that best suits each student, are institutional qualities that benefit all students, regardless of background.

When my son was attending during his senior year, much support was given to him during the process of college applications. I believe this allowed him to have a greater choice of universities to attend. Although much support was given to my son, there was also an empowering emphasis on self-driven study – a quality that will serve him his whole life. Huntington-Surrey teachers and staff truly care about their students. As a parent and an educator, I am extremely grateful to Huntington-Surrey for the service they provide to the youth and their families in Austin

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Isabella Turcinovic

Status: Student

Huntington-Surrey has provided me with the pleasure of academic rigor in conjunction with a good measure of creativity and flexibility in learning. Though I came into the school as a Junior, they quickly acknowledged and accommodated my particular goals. This school is the first that I have ever felt constructively challenged in, which was something that I had been looking for in previous middle and high schools. Huntington-Surrey is a remarkable school in many regards, but I would like to highlight in particular the push by the students and the faculty toward collective and individual knowledge (both creative and scholarly). This continual progress makes a lovely environment in which to learn.

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Laura & Mohammad Mohammad, Ph.D.

Status: Parents

Every Huntington-Surrey student has a story. They may have been bullied at their prior school; They may have struggled with academics; they may have gotten into trouble. They all find a home at the little school tucked behind a Northwest Austin church. Our son George had thrived at his previous school until it grew too large. There came a time when he felt lost. I’ll never forget the gentleness when we were interviewed. The directors listened to George’s story, and on the spot, accepted him. He would go on to thrive at Huntington-Surrey, working the hardest we had ever seen him work. The small classes and caring teachers were just what he needed. Huntington-Surrey will always have a special place in our hearts. The teachers and staff were there for George when he needed them, and we will never forget that.

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Lynn E. Katz, PH.D, P.E.

Status: Parent

Huntington-Surrey has changed my son’s life. The teachers and staff provide a nurturing environment that has allowed him to flourish both academically and socially. For the first time, he realizes how much potential he has, and with the guidance of his teachers he has realized that he is truly gifted academically. There is no limit to how much he can learn at Huntington-Surrey, and no limit to his aspirations beyond high school and college.

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Adrienne Dawes

Status: Student (2000)

I was always the kid in my family who loved school and loved learning….So when I kept coming home from middle school upset and stressed, my parents knew that I needed more than what public school could offer me at that time. I am so lucky that my parents found Huntington-Surrey and were able to send me there for the final four years of my education. I had just the right balance of support and independence to flourish both academically and creatively.  I definitely think my high school education at Huntington-Surrey helped prepare me for Sarah Lawrence College, where you really had to be an independent thinker and strong writer to survive.  I wish this kind of education would be available at a very early age for everyone.

Date: 2016 

Reviewer: Debra Pennington, M.D.

Status:  Parent

My daughter attended Huntington-Surrey School for all four years of high school. At Huntington-Surrey, she received a well-rounded, personal education. At Huntington-Surrey, she did not just learn facts, or what was going to be “on the test.”  Instead, she learned how to be inquisitive, and how to research and think about a topic of interest. I now see the results of that education in my daughter as an adult. She keeps well read on politics and other current events, and has a keen interest in continued learning. I think that Huntington-Surrey played a great role in helping her develop into the thoughtful, inquisitive and interesting young woman that she has become.

Best wishes to all there at Huntington-Surrey!

Review Date: 2016

Reviewer: Joseph G. Mansour

Owner, Accord Interests, LLC

Status: Parent

My daughter attended Huntington-Surrey for a full four years, and truly blossomed in this environment. With their exceptionally low student to teacher ratio, she received the attention and nurturing that she was unable to receive at larger schools.  This school is a boutique that fits the needs of many children for whom larger, institutional schools simply do not fit. The faculty has been together for many, many years, and this has allowed them to integrate their teaching efforts.  The school remains completely focused on the success of their students. My daughter is now thriving at her university, due in no small part to the preparation she received at Huntington-Surrey.  I highly recommend the school.